Temper eSports[TES]
Europe / West - speaking English
[IF YOU WANT TO APPLY, PLEASE LEAVE A FORM OF CONTACT ALONG WITH YOUR INFORMATION, SUCH AS TWITTER ETC!] Temper eSports is a UK based Esports Organisation competing in: • Counter-Strike: Global Offensive • Rocket League • League of Legends • DoTA II • StarCraft II • HearthStone • Call of Duty We are looking for the best players to represent these games, and specifically, DoTA 2 players. We currently do not have a roster and are looking to build one. If you feel you're a good match for this team, apply below. We do have a couple of criteria we would like you to be able to fit into though: • Aged 16 or over. • A good, working microphone. • A calm and collected personality. • Passion for eSports and competition. • Able to travel to LAN events (in the future).
Dota2 Team
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Solo: Unranked
Party: Unranked
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10 days ago
hi i'd like to join your team 2500 mmr add me for more info
10 days ago
Hello my name is Alex and I am a unranked because a level 10. I have been playing Dota since 2016 December and when I reach the rank level I'd love to join your team.
#@uNTeD $oUl
11 days ago
hi. i am playing from April 4, 2014. I am good at mostly all heros. so please allow me to join the team. my dreams is to compete in the Internationals
a month ago
http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198288579851/ (My Steam) . I am 16, English, got a good mic, was in a old team till the owner disbanded it. any thing local is good for me to travel to, and I consider my self pretty chill. I play dota BTW