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Hello browser, we are SharpVipers! And we are a eSports organization based in the United Kingdom. While we have always been a CS-focused organisation, we have decided to branch out into other eSports titles. Call of Duty is our first experiment, and we are seeking a CoD team. As a member of SharpVipers, you would get access to an exclusive Discord chatroom as well as wide social media coverage. As for expectations, we will need you to participate in the team, and play at least 20 GBs/UMG a week (we will have an admin looking over your GB/UMG profile). We will also arrange tournaments for your team, with input if you attend. If you don't attend these for whatever reason, we'll give you a warning, but we heavily expect you guys to get involved. If anyone could stream and save VODs of your scrims or games on Twitch, it would be greatly appreciated. Apart from playing the game, we expect every one of you to create a Twitter account, in which you will tweet regularly. You will also gain attention from our main account and our other eSports athletes, if you wish to join. Please complete the Google Forms provided (, as applications on GAMURS are likely to be ignored, however if you want to follow the format but write it in GAMURS instead, you are welcome to. To end off, this will not be a remunerated experience, however, if you show us you're really dedicated to the team, we might eventually provide a monthly allowance of GB credits, and eventually we're planning to order some SharpVipers jerseys! But, do not think long-term, and instead short-term, and focus on what's coming now. Any roster changes will have to be put through the board, but do not take this as a sign that we're being forceful, as your roster change will be 99.9% accepted, we just want to be aware of our roster so we can make appropriate changes to our website and social media. As for GB credits, for now, you'll have to pay them on your own, or you can play free matches, however you want to do it. If you have a 4-man roster looking to play, still do the form, but in the questions form, include that you're coming along with 3 others (or less), and make them do the application still. You can be over 13 to be applicable, however there might be exceptions. If you have a 4-man or 3-man, and you are outside of Europe, we'll consider picking up you guys rather than an EU team. However, we're primarily looking for a Western European team, and while players from other portions of Europe might be accepted, you're ping has to be good enough to support adequate playing conditions. We will be a IW team, however scrimming and playing GBs on MWR is okay also. And as our last statement, while we are looking for a team that plays on PS4, if we get enough applicants from Xbox ONE players, we'll consider making the team on XBOX One. Thanks for reading, and we hope you'll find our offer intriguing. SV Ozone -Member of the board of SharpVipers.
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4 months ago Hi im Luke im 15 currently at school but spend my weekends playing csgo dedicating myself to getting better,i am LE and a support/lurker
5 months ago
Andrew Ward, please contact me on GAMURS, cheers
5 months ago