Be Glorious[BG]
Owner: BG Kitty
Europe / West - speaking English
WELCOME TO BE GLORIOUS!!! Be Glorious is a community whose biggest goal is to provide a safe and happy environment for all to enjoy playing games. A place where you can make new friends on all skill levels. We recruit quality of people above quality of player. BG offers a wide range of features in order to help our community to be a great online experience. Here are just some of current features that we hope will excite you: -A fully working teamspeak and forum -Mad in-house events -Responsible staff members and good moderation on the teamspeak and forums. Our goal is to have teams that can enter into a the joindota league for fun competitive play. We have many casual players to gather for social games. We support a range of games such as Warframe/Gems of War/Smite/LoL/Paragon/Rocket League/GTA V/Dota 2/Rainbow 6 Siege. We have many events for games that we support and also Indie nights for some of the games that dont have their own division. We encourage members who are interested in games without their own division to evolve the clan by stepping up to create new divisions within BG. So if u dont see all the games that you play here. This does not mean we never will. -- So come one, come all, alone or with all your friends to be a part of the best up and coming community there is, we have the tools, now we just need you, so take the leap and find out what it truly means to Be Glorious! To join the community you can find us at or if you are looking to join our dota section add our Dota 2 divison leader on steam -Be Glorious - Be A Gamer - Spreading the glory of gaming 1 pixel at a time--
Dota2 Team
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Solo: Normal (<1k MMR)
Party: Normal (<1k MMR)
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2 months ago
hi my name is Joe, im a 15 years old and a position 1 or 2. add me at
2 months ago
Hello BG team. My name is James alias 'Jampey' and I have 3 friends of mine, including myself, to partake in a team in scrims, ranked and tournys. We are of the ages 16 // 18 // 19. We are currently looking for a team to join. We play the roles of mid, carry and initiator role and we think we could benefit your team. If you want to know more about us here is my steam
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